May quarter life crisis have mercy on me; May my career be on track; May my health improved despite getting older; May my bank account get obese; and
lastly I hope people around be to be happy, healthy and wealthy!

Cherating 2.0 x 2016


ACCA convocation

Waited 10 months for this.
Came a long way for ACCA. 
For all the times I've said I'm going to give no fuck to the papers I'm sitting for, I ended up saying it out of frustration and picked back up my notes etc.
Failed my only last paper cause I slacked thinking that it should be find because I went through from what I thought at that time the toughest subject. 
Gotten my first insomnia for exams which was P2 paper that hit me 1 week before exam day and results day wtf. 
Thank you for all the support and the sneering that made me a stronger person because I wasn't acing AFA as good as my diploma times.
I just believe in karma and retribution so badly. & It doesn't matter how many times you've fall down, but it's the effort and determination to be persistent and stand up that counts. 



Birthday' 24th

2016 have been great so far, 
Happy 24th birthday to myself.
Strive to improve, happy and healthy. Try to take easy on quarter life crisis coming 25th.  It's alright to be single (wtf i know), along the way you might feel lost and helpless.  Please do remind yourself that happiness doesn't comes with an easy route. Do not gained more than 55kg please twx (fml hahhhaa) Probably gonna be a tough year ahead till next year. But I'm going to get through all these!

Happy hatchday x